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You Never Close Your Eyes…

In grateful, monthly recap, painting with light on June 30, 2010 at 6:26 pm

…anymore when I kiss your lips…”

[Where’d we go wrong? Is there…is there…someone else?]

I know. I know. It has been forever since we chatted. [And I’m doing fine, thanks for asking!]

But I’d be remiss if I let June pass without a nod to the up-and-down whirlwind it brought.

So, June, here’s looking at you, baby:

1. Spent the afternoon catching up with my sister and her family. Loved, loved, loved seeing them!

2. Sat on the deck and experienced the wonder of being surrounded by fireflies.

3. Waved at onlookers, as the bus I was riding drove through the middle of the Puerto Rican parade in NYC.

4. Laughed, giggled and guffawed with some dear friends, while on a wild excursion to the Big Apple.

5. Listened to the very cool stylings of Christylez Bacon.

6. Splurged and saw a real movie in a real movie theater!

7. Took the back roads and wandered my way up to the Baltimore harbor.

8. Was reminded that, yes, hydrangeas really are one of the most magical plants. I. Want. Blue. Flowers.

9. Said goodbye to my highfalutin career as a barista. [You said you wanted a half-caff, non-fat, no-foam, 190-degree, sugar-free-vanilla latte?]

10. Oh, yeah–breathed a sigh of relief as I started a new job! Whoosh!

So very blessed. Blessed, indeed.


All Aboard?

In grateful, musings on June 12, 2010 at 5:13 am

Haze hanging, illuminated by the rising sun. Green fields blur past. Speckles of suburbia appear and are replaced with whirring water. The departing whistle sounds.

(“All a-boar-d,” I whisper to myself.)

With two days of my unemployed freedom remaining, I’m on a train– headed to NYC for a last-minute vacation.

Won’t you share the trip with me?

And, Lo, the Clouds Parted

In grateful, musings on June 3, 2010 at 4:28 pm


Nah…that wasn’t a chorus of angels, it was just me…being all giddy and such.


Well, if you’ve been following the saga-of-the-unemployed lady, you might have guessed from that stellar opening that the hunt is…[drum roll, please]…over.


A big ol’ thanks to all of the crossed fingers, toes, eyes and legs! Your contortionist movements paid off, my friends…thanks!

[Sigh. A big sigh, indeed.]


…just got a little light-headed over that realization. Think I’ll just sit and let that soak in for a minute.

Could You?

In choose your destiny, musings on June 2, 2010 at 7:14 pm

I mean, would you?

Would you…please?

You see, I had a second interview today and there’s the big ol’ part of me that’s afraid to hope. So could you…well, would you hope for me?

Crossing my fingers, my toes, my eyes and…well…just about anything that’ll cross!

Here’s hoping, friend.