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Stick a Needle in My…

In choose your destiny, musings, synchronicity on November 8, 2010 at 5:20 pm


Was that a needle you just poked in my ear or are you just…?

And it wasn’t just one needle–it was five needles—in each ear!

Nope, I wasn’t exploring my masochistic side (well, not too much!), instead I had my very first experience with acupuncture. And although there was a teeny twinge of ouchness, it lasted but a second. And for the next hour, I simply relaxed, meditated and felt really grounded.

[A feat this live-in-her-header often struggles with!]

Ironically, needle-piercing sandwiched my weekend.

You see, last night I got my second tattoo.

On the inside of my left wrist, my first tattoo reads, “take a deep breath.” And now my second tattoo—on my other wrist—reads, “be here now.”

[More words for this not-so-grounded lady to live by!]

Perhaps a smidge of pain to get to that desired, grounded calm…


It’s a Sign

In choose your destiny on November 1, 2010 at 4:48 pm



On. Off.

The electric sign on the side of the freeway queried: “Terror Tips?” (Which was then followed by a toll-free number.)

A remnant from Halloween? I think not.

For some reason the wording of this blinking sign snagged a little spot in my mind.

“Terror Tips?”

[Sure, I get it, I was driving along the Capital Beltway and we all need to be aware, and there are “bad guys” out there and…I know, I know, I know]

But think about it—how does seeing the word “terror” blazing in your eyes on a Monday morning commute affect your psyche?

You see, I believe that we see what we want to see. And if we’re focusing on “terror,” no doubt, that’s what we’ll see.

[Naïve? Perhaps. But that’s my story and I’m sticking to it, folks! :D]

So how about we change that blinking sign? I think “Joy Tips,” “Peace Tips” or “Happiness Tips” has a much better vibe.

In fact, I figure that the word “terrorist” is passé! Let’s start a new label.

mmm…what sounds good to you?

“Hi, my name’s Tracy and I’m a peace-ist.”

“Look at me, I’m a joy-ist!”

What about…
“Yes, I’m a harmony-tarian.”

They’ve got a good ring, don’t they. In fact, I’m sure I’m the tipping point!

Yep—no doubt, you’ll be seeing t-shirts, buttons and campaigns declaring these great phrases. We’ll start a wave of change. Remember, you heard it first here! (tee-hee!)

Cheers, my friends!


PS: Further down the beltway a sign blinked, “Expect Major Delays.” I expected smooth sailing and that’s exactly what I got! Magic, huh?

iSpy: Something that Is Fabulous…

In grateful, painting with light on October 24, 2010 at 6:40 pm

Looking for something fab-u-lous?

This afternoon, I discovered another of DC’s hidden gems: Hillwood Museum and Gardens. The museum is gilded to the hilt but the gardens…

…absolutely stunning.

Enjoy some of the sites I spied in the place “where fabulous lives.”

Orchids are simply magical...

Gorgeousness greets us at the entrance.

A daliah on the verge...

Amen, sista!